It officially feels like summer

Shirt: George at Asda / Jeans: New Look / Shoes: Primark / Rings: Primark Bag: Primark

With all this good weather we've been getting here it is actually starting to feel like summer. So this means time to bring back the colours. My outfit of choice for so long has been black, white or grey so it feels nice to have a change and wear something bright and fun. With football season over for the summer, I feel like I'm bringing back the more girly side of me. I'm starting to wear more blouses and sandal style shoes again. Oh and accessorizing, I usually love adding accessories to all my outfits but with going to football so much that never happens. These midi rings from Primark are the perfect little piece to add to any outfit, they're the only midi rings I own and are taking a bit of getting used to. But it's a good change to feel a bit more dressed up.

I love this blouse for when it is so hot out, it's so airy and has enough room to breath in, I got it a couple years ago maybe and wear it every summer. These New Look jeans are just their basic range one's at £7.99 but I love them because they come in all different leg lengths, so for a shorty like me I get them as short as they go and they fit perfectly. My choice of shoes though, I wish I had decided against. I love these Primark lace up pumps but oh my god my feet were killing me by the end of the day, and they just remind me of how much I need a tan lol. 

I was heading out into town the other day so please excuse the mess of my room and the quickly taken photos, my rabbit had just been out playing and she just loves to make a right mess. I saw so much cute new stuff when I was out in town. Primark, New Look and Quiz especially have such nice summery stuff in just now. 

I just hope the good weather keeps like this so I can have an excuse to dress cuter and get out more again.

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