Why can't I admit I'm a blogger?

I never really understand why I should have an issue admitting to people that I blog. It's not something dirty or bad, I don't get paid so it's not a job. It's a passion, a hobby...not that big a deal. So why is it so hard to admit to being a blogger?

I don't have the look of a blogger

Nowadays the minute someone hears the word blogger/vlogger they automatically think of Zoella or the Saccone Joly's and any other big time blogger who has done well and found fame. They assume you are trying to be the next big thing, wanting to get sent free stuff and make money off of sharing your life with the world. Your blog is about you and trying to be someone else is far from what it's about. It is for me anyway. 

I guess I don't really have the typical look of a blogger (do they even have a "look"). I mean that I'm not a very confident person, I don't have the most stylish wardrobe and I don't do too well with meeting new people or talking about myself. But when I'm sat at home putting together blog posts whether its fashion related or a personal piece like this, I am sharing more about myself and my passions that I ever will in real life. Every blogger is unique in their own way and I love that about blogging. We all have different lives and enjoy sharing about different topics, that what makes each blog so personal. Each persons blog is their place to represent their true selves. 

That little piece in life that is all mine

After being unemployed for a number of years now and into my 3rd and final year of at home studying, I needed an escape from the daily struggles of job hunting, money worries, studying, basically looking at the same four walls. My dreams of opening up my own clothing store looking further into the distance each time. I had to do something, I needed an escape. So I started blogging as a way for me to express the things I'm passionate about, learn more about photography, and at the same time find a purpose in life. I have only been running this blog for 5 months now, I don't do it full time as I do still want to focus on getting back into work and finishing my studies but it has given me that feeling of  having a job again. Like I've got something to work on. Its that little piece in life that is all mine and no-one else can really take it away from me.

Yet I am embarrassed to admit to anyone that I am in fact a blogger. Why? Honestly, I'm scared of what people are going to think. I am scared of being judged, of being laughed at. I can just see them now, "what is a blogger?", "your not a proper blogger, focus on your studies". 

Society can be very judgmental

The thing with blogging is unless you do it yourself you don't understand how much work goes into it. People see a few blog posts go up a few times a week and think it's just something fun you do on when you have some spare time. They don't understand you spend hours thinking and writing up new post ideas, taking photos and editing them. The amount of work promoting your post on every social media going just so that your blog get some recognition for the work you've put in. Even when your not working on your blog your constantly thinking about it. It's not about having a wee rant on products and posing for selfies.

So I don't like to tell people what I do. I know I shouldn't feel ashamed but there's a part of me that can't help it. Society can be very judgmental and I don't want to put myself in the firing line. I know that by not standing up and admitting that I am a blogger I am just as bad as those judging, not to mention I am letting myself and my fellow bloggers down. 

Stand up and be counted 

I am now trying to build up the courage to put myself out there and admit that I am a blogger and I am proud of my little space on the internet that I call my own. I have recently joined both my blogging and personal twitter into one where I have in my bio that I blog and all my blog posts are shared on there now too. So any friends/family I have on there is more open to see that and may at some point question me about it. I still keep my instagram accounts separate as I feel I will be judged for posting about fashion, beauty and all those girly things all the time. But I am slowly trying to share more of my life through my blog instagram, I do want to show you more of me and my personality. 

The only person who knows in my life that I blog is my sister, who herself is a youtuber so she kinda gets what I'm going through. I don't know if I'm ready for my parents or close family to find out, I think I'm more scared of them checking out my blog and reading my posts. That feels to me weird to know that people actually read what I have to say. At the moment I don't really think about who can see my posts when I put them together or when I post about it on social media. It's my own space to talk about my life, my passions. It doesn't really matter if anyone reads it because the reason I write is purely to benefit myself. If people read it that's great and if people gain something from it, even better. 

So for myself, and all my fellow bloggers I am refusing to hide away from what others may think. I love what I do on here and I love being part of the blogging community. This is something for me, if it's giving me a purpose in life then why should it bother anyone else. 

Let me know why you started blogging? Have you opened up to those in your life that your a blogger? 

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  1. Love this! Such a raw account of your feelings here. Blogging is hard work and you're right, some people just don't get it. I can see the work you put in though! And it will pay off! Just let the outside world in as you get more confident.

    The thing about blogging is that seeing people appreciate your content and being a part of such a wonderful and supportive community boosts your confidence! So it becomes easier over time to own what you're doing.

    I'm lucky to have a support boyfriend and a close group of friends who get it. Some have blogger before but we are all in the tech industry so blogging isn't that abnormal. Family on the other hand... I've mentioned it briefly but we have so much more to talk about than my blog so I've had a lucky escape so far!

    Keep up he good work, you wonderful lady!



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