April Haul

Today I want to share with you some goodies that I bought through out April. This is only my third haul on my blog, I've only done a Primark haul or one beauty haul. I've realized I don't really do them that much but I'm thinking about making it a monthly thing to roundup any little pieces I buy. 

I managed to bag myself some beauty products when Superdrug had their 3 for 2 offer on throughout most of April I think. So the first three products are what I managed to pick up in that. I will link everything below in case you fancy checking anything out for yourself.

MUA romantic efflorescence palette

This palette I have been eyeing up ever since my sister got it for her birthday last August. Every time I have seen her wear it, I fall more in love with the colours, now I have one of my very own to play with. I especially love the deep purple colours in this palette they are so pretty when they are on. It has everything you could need for the perfect smokey eye. 

Makeup Revolution Flawless palette

I have been debating over to get this since Christmas time. I got this as a Christmas present and took it back because I actually wanted the flawless matte but couldn't get it in stock for ages so I thought I would just wait till it came back in. But since then I have now changed my mind from loving matte shadows, so when I saw how pretty this flawless palette was in the shop the other week I knew this was the one I wanted for sure. It comes with a mix of 32 matte and shimmer shadows for the price of £8, I think that is good going. The colours are absolutely gorgeous!! I have created a smokey eye using "barely pink", "universal" and "red night" so far and I loved how it looked when finished. 

Makeup Revolution Lipkit - Reign

This is my first lip kit that I have bought, even though I am a big lover of liquid lipsticks now, I have only ever bought MUA one's so far. But I do like the idea of the lip kits as you have the exact lip liner colour that you need to match without the hassle of hunting one down. The only colour I really like in the make up revolution lip kit collections is Reign, as the rest aren't really colours that I feel would suit me even though they are really pretty. I won't go into detail on what I think of the product as I'm thinking about doing a review post on this, if anyone would be interested? Let me know in the comments or on any of my social media. 

MUA Fawn Fancy matte lipstick

This is the latest MUA matte lipstick to my collection. I have four so far and that's only because I haven't actually checked out to see what other colours they have yet. It's all my sisters fault that that I'm addicted to MUA makeup and even Makeup Revolution, she got a few pieces and I got jealous because they looked so good and I wanted some for myself. It's handy having a trainee makeup artist in the family, you get to discover all these new makeup products and ways to apply them properly. These lipsticks are only £1, can you believe that £1 for matte lipstick. I'm telling you they stay on for a good while and look really nice on and not all dried up like some I've noticed. 

Primark squarelette matte - soft smoke

I have been trying to get used to having longer nails for the past wee while now, usually I will do acrylics with gel polish. But this time I was wanting to try out longer styled nails without all the hassle of doing all the work myself. I loved the colour and shape of these one's from Primark for only £1. I wasn't too impressed with the choice they had in the Dundee store, I wouldn't say there wasn't that many designs and colours to choose from, the matte grey was the nicest one's I liked. I have used them already but forgot to take any photos of them when they were done to show you guys....idiot! 

My review on them would be that are good if you are looking to add a bit of style to your look for a day or a night out, they are really comfy to wear and are super easy to put on (beware the nail glue is strong). I actually tried putting them on with the stronger glue I put acrylics on with usually thinking it would be better, but the glue just wouldn't stick to them. So the glue provided with nails actually seemed to hold them on better. I did however lose a couple nails whilst just applying my makeup, after gluing them on again, I only lost one for the second time a while after. So I would say you do have to make sure to put enough glue on and stick them on hard. As I said they are comfy to wear, they look really nice. For me quite long, which I struggle with because my own nails are so short so even any kind of long nail is hard for me to handle. I did love the shape, colour and feel of them when they were on. I would try them again for another day or night out, just don't expect them to last days. 

This is the only clothing piece I bought this month, I haven't really bought any new clothes in SO long. I really want to go out and basically get a whole new wardrobe of new season trends, with money a little bit tight right now with trying to save I don't see that happening. But I do have a holiday planned now for August so I will have to start planning some new clothes soon enough. 

So this top is from Boohoo and it is actually from their maternity section. I love it, I have been wanting one of these Rolling Stones type of t-shirts for ages now (even though I don't like Rolling Stones). This one is the perfect size, it is a little long on me as I am so short but it works for that rock/grunge type of look and also perfect for a casual look paired with leggings and converse. I will have to get pictures the next type I style it for an OOTD post. I got a size 14 in it because I never knew what sizing was going to be like, I am usually about an 18 in tops most of the time but don't like them super baggy. So this one being a 14 maternity I thought would never fit me, especially because I've had tops from Boohoo before and they always seem to be too small for me. Honestly though have a look at maternity clothing sometime even if you are like me no way close to being pregnant, maternity have some cute stuff and as long as you can find tops without the special ruffles down the sides or pieces that look too maternity you can never tell. This looks just like a basic t-shirt for non pregnant people it just looks baggy or go for a size down depending on where your buying from.

I have a pair of maternity denim shorts I got years ago from New Look which have the maternity waist on them but are the comfiest denim shorts I own. They are just like wearing jeggings because of the elasticated waist, once your top goes over the band you can't even tell any different. I will definitively be checking out more of Boohoo's maternity section now I know the size guide to look at and see what other nice pieces I can pick up. 

There you have it my first monthly haul on the blog. Not that much to the haul I just tried to go into detail about all the products I bought to explain to you guys. Let me know in the comments or again on any social medias (top right corner) what you thought, if you liked this style of post. Do you want to see me do more beauty posts, like showing how I put my new makeup to use? I do plan on doing a proper review of the Makeup Revolution lip kit as it's the first lip kit I've bought. But if you want me to review any other product or create a look with anything, let me know what your thinking. I appreciate any feedback on what you guys think. XO

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  1. Loved this blog post. I have never tried any make up revolution. I am thinking of trying new products out at some point great read x my blog is scottishcosmetics.blogspot.com xxx

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, love hearing feedback on my posts. I was the same, was only end of last year I got a makeup revolution blush palette that I realized how good their products were, now I'm in love with their eyeshadow palettes too. Always good to try out new brands you never know what your missing out on. x I'm heading over to your blog now. xx


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