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Hey guys, I thought I would do a post today just to check in and give you a little update whats been going on in my life lately. 

So it's been four months now since I've been blogging properly, and I never realised how time consuming full time blogging could be! I've tried running  a fashion blog before in the past under couple different names, the last one I only recently deleted last year but I wasn't really feeling it and honestly didn't have spare time to put into blogging properly. Then I realised I missed it too much, the whole point I even started blogging was to give me a hobby, a way of escaping life for a while, something else to focus on. I missed having that. I always said this time around though, I was going to stick at it and take blogging more seriously. Really try to get posts out every day, keep up all socials alongside, run a blog I was happy with containing material that is actually my own. Don't get me wrong this is not me saying I'm giving up again. Oh no, I do love it. Finding inspiration for new posts, putting those posts together, getting to connect with fellow bloggers and followers through social media. I love all of it. At times though doing it full time like I planned I would, putting out a new post 7 days a week I have come to realise is maybe just a bit too much to handle, especially when just setting up. Some days I didn't even have content on those topics to even post about, so it seems pointless having specific days set for specific topics. So I've been working out a new schedule where I think it will fit in better with my lifestyle I have going on right now. 

Here is my current blogging schedule:

  • Monday - fashion post
  • Tuesday - travel post
  • Wednesday - fashion post
  • Thursday - beauty post
  • Friday - follow Friday (fashion post)
  • Saturday - interior post
  • Sunday - life post
As you can see that was my plan from when I first started my blog, at first it worked out fine. Then I started to feel like I didn't have any new content to talk about especially on subjects such as travel or beauty which is what I am interested in but not something I find I post as easy about as fashion for example. Posting 7 days a week and keeping socials up to date I find has took a strain and actually left me feeling uninspired when it comes to blogging. Some days I don't even want to blog, or can get inspired on what to post about. I think I was giving myself more work than I could handle right now. 

So this is the new schedule I have come up with:

  • Monday - fashion post
  • Tuesday - 
  • Wednesday - beauty/interior post
  • Thursday - 
  • Friday - follow Friday (fashion post)
  • Saturday - 
  • Sunday - life/travel post
I think from this I am still giving you guys a good number of posts a week, I don't think I would want to cut it down to say one or two posts a week. This schedule definitely seems more manageable for me right now. It will give me time to get posts together that I am actually proud of instead of just throwing one out there, mostly in picture form only. I want to get back to talking and sharing my thoughts in my posts instead of just leaving you with some pictures and no explanation. This way I am not stuck to a new topic everyday, like say on Wednesday and Sundays I can blog about what ever I'm feeling at that time. The three days I have away from blogging will give me time to get out there and work on taking photos for the blog. 

This new schedule fits my life right now, Saturdays are not a good day for me as football season is still on even though it's away to finish up in the next couple weeks. On football days I usually just want to come home and chill and never actually get around to blogging on those days. Maybe through out the summer when its off I will find something to post on Saturdays. I am also still studying full time through home learning so that is very time consuming (when I actually do the work). I mean I say I'm studying at home, but this year of studying I have hardly done any of the work...it's so bad. I have one final report due this Thursday for one class, then I have the final exam for that coming up in June which I haven't even started studying for. Which I really should cos as I said I haven't even done the course work for the year. Then another class just started a few weeks ago which I haven't even looked at the books yet, so I'm way behind on that class already. Come the exam for that in September I hope to be properly ready for. So I really need to spend less time focusing on blogging everyday and more on my coursework if I actually want to pass this final year.

Yeah, so that's whats been going on with me. Past few weeks of trying to find my motivation to get back into dealing with life stuff, trying to figure out this whole blogging thing properly. All whilst feeling so uninspired, unmotivated and just a bit blah really. But the better weather looks like it's coming, at least it kinda looks that way, but hey I live in Scotland so that will soon change haha. I'm feeling better having organised a better blogging schedule. Now I just have to work out a studying schedule to get me motivated. I have just booked a holiday for in August which I can't wait for, I think it will actually be fun this time around. I've just got to get myself into exercising and eating better so I can feel better about myself in new clothes and a swimming costume...ahh!! 


Lastly I just want to thank every single one of you who has checked out my blog so far. To see those page views go up in the short space of 4 months has been amazing. Not forgetting all of you who follow me on over at any of social media pages, another place where I am showed so much love from comments and likes to follows. I really do appreciate every single one of you. As long as I continue to post about what I love, I know people are liking it, I will continue on this journey. Thank you for following on the journey with me and bearing with me whilst I work out how to make my blog better. XO

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