Favourite fragrances

Today I wanted to share with you something different away from makeup for this weeks beauty post. Sharing my favourite perfumes at the moment. xo

Victoria Beckham - Intimately

This has been my go to perfume ever since I got my first bottle of it a few years ago. I would wear it all the time, even when I had so many other perfumes to choose from this one would be the one I would always choose...everyday. It got to the point that I went through a bottle in less than a year, so for Christmas I ended up getting two bottles and of course I used it even more than before. Only last year I discovered when I went to get more, that it had been discontinued. I was gutted, I still am. I have like the teeniest bit left and I'm too scared to use it anymore because I can't think of not having any. Might sound so daft, but like you know when you've found your perfect signature perfume that is just your go to smell. It's hard to try love something else the same. But needs must, until I can find somewhere that still has stock of these.

Avon Far Away - Infinity

"Take your destiny to infinity with this long lasting floral infusion of luminous marigold and Indian jasmine sambac veiled in sensual vanilla".

Avon - Attraction

"Tempting blackberry essence, magnetic musk accord and luxurious vanilla amber help to create an alluring sensation that captivates with an addictive spark you are sure to feel". 

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