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Today is the beginning of a new series here on "Wake Up n Glow". Every Friday I want to share with you fellow bloggers that I find inspiring to me. Some I have followed for years, others I have only recently came across and fell in love with straight away. Either way these woman are who inspire me when it comes to fashion and beauty way more than any celebrity ever could. I used to be really big on researching celebrity pictures for style inspiration for years, then for me fashion bloggers style become more of what I was interested in. Like me they are real life woman who have a passion for fashion, yet they lead normal everyday lives just like you and me. They are the one's who inspire me everyday to become a better blogger, to put myself out there and gain more confidence in my photography and content that I produce.

I am still learning a lot as I go along with the whole blogging thing, and I am having so much fun doing so going through this experience. These blogs that I look to everyday, are going to continue on helping me along with this journey. I hope with sharing a new favourite blogger of mine every Friday, I can in some way inspire you in life whether that's through fashion, beauty, photography or whatever it may be. So, lets get on with the first one... 

All links related to the chosen blogger for the week can be found at the bottom of this post, all images shown have been used with permission.

When I thought about starting this new series on the blog, I knew The Honeybee was the first blog that I wanted to share with you guys. I was so excited to get started. I have been a big fan of "The Honeybee" blog for years now, I can't even remember when it happened. All I know is ever since I discovered the style of Andee Layne I have used her for inspiration when it comes to my own style ever since.  

To me the looks on this blog change all the time, every time there is a new ootd post you never know what style it's going to be. I love that about her. Either way you know it's gonna look so stylish and make you be like, "yep, I'd wear that". I think it's because the outfits always look so comfy but like you have still look like you've made an effort. I could have shown you loads of pictures from Andee Layne's style over the years but then the post would go on forever. The above was just some of my favourite looks I eventually managed to narrow it down to after some time.

If you check out her blog (link down below) you will see that it's not just fashion tips she shares on her blog, she talks about beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and there's even a baby section. Oh...she has the two most gorgeous kids ever, yeah can you believe it she is a mum of two. She looks amazing right? I have always thought she could be a model, she is gorgeous (haha fangirl moment over).

Seriously though, I think her blog has a lot to offer for everyone. It is definitely one worth checking out. xo

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