Fifty Shades Darker

This was my chosen outfit for going to see the new Fifty Shades Darker movie at the weekend. I went on a Friday night when it first got released, I wanted to wear something girly and kind of dolled up compared to my usual cinema style I go for. Which is usually always jeans/leggings, jumper and trainers. This time since it was girls night out, I wanted to make more of an effort, but still be comfy and not too over the top.

Jeans: New Look / Top: Primark / Jacket: clothing at Tesco / Shoes: Primark


I have a real obsession with bomber jacket these days. For years I would never have got one because I am on the larger side I would never think I would suit them, like they would just make me look even bigger than what I am. But now I have got a couple of them in different styles, I love how they look. This one I especially love for going out because it's satin material with embroided flowers all over it. It's black, with nude strips down the sleeves and nude and pink floral pattern all over. It's so nice and girly but can be worn in so many different ways.

My shoes are another thing I am obsessed with. I got these on sale in Primark at the end of last year, now the colder weather is kind of dying down I have been wearing them a lot more. They go with everything I find, super comfy and I love the lace up style.

I wore my hair super straight on this night in a middle parting, something that I never do. I prefer my hair either curly or loose waves these days, I hardly ever straighten it anymore. I just fancied something different, I can't believe how different it looks on me. It reminds me of total 90s style, but I actually really like it. I am considering wearing my hair like this more often. 

You can't get ready to go out without taking a bunch of selfies or having fun with the snapchat filters (add me: samhen.88) can you? I was just so excited to go and see the new fifty shades movie. It felt like forever that we have been hearing about the new movie coming out. I am a big fan of the first film but I haven't read any of the books, so I have just been dying to know what was going to happen.

And I loved it!! Every bit of it. I am such a sucker for any kind of romantic movie, to me if you take out the kinky sex stuff fifty shades is a really good movie based a good love story. The second movie for me was totally all about the romance, Christian and Anna's relationship this time around was so cute. Total #relationshipgoals. I loved the whole thing, I can't wait to see it again already.

Has anyone else been to see it already? What did you think? xo

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