New year, new adventures

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I've never been one to keep up with new years resolutions, so I don't even bother making them anymore. The one thing I find works for me is to make a list of the things I want to achieve in that year, whether that be mentally or written down somewhere. I don't know why but for some reason this year I seem to be more determined than ever to make a list and follow through with it. Maybe its because this year I am heading into the last year of my 20's and I am beginning to reflect more on what I have and haven't done yet. Since the new year hit I have just been thinking more and more about how 2017 is my year to make a change and make my life better.

So today I would like to get my 2017 goals out of my head and down in writing and what better way to try stick to them than by sharing with you guys.
  • graduate with a diploma in business management 
  • move out of the family home
  • lose weight for the right reasons 
  • get my own car
  • travel more, even if that only involves city breaks around scotland. Get out there and see places
  • go out and spend more time with friends old and new
  • get out of my comfort zone, learn to be more confident
  • Get a job
  • See Dundee united go back up. Be at the last game they play in the championship and the first game they play back in the premiership
  • find a nice man
  • to get out on adventures and develop my passion for photography
  • to run a fashion/lifestyle blog and enjoy it. Have a new post up everyday. Learn to take better ootd photos
  • to help my sister continue on with her makeup artistry course as best I can
  • to be the best mummy I can to my baby bunny Maisy
  • go to at least one concert
  • have fun
Okay that looks a lot when you see it all written down, but you know what I am going to stick to this as best I can. I know a lot of it seems ambitious, I am determined to follow through with these goals and have fun doing it! Some of these things I have been talking about non stop for the past 2-3 years now and I just haven't done anything​ about them. Now no more waiting, no more putting things off for another year. 2017 is the year things are going to happen. xo

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