My Go To Apps

I want to share with you guys my go to apps that I use. I have a couple different devices where some of the apps I have to have go on multiple devices I use, other apps I only have on one because it might only be for blogging etc. I'll link them all down below...

When it comes to anything to do with my blog or social media related to my blog I usually use:
The more personal apps I go to are:
My all time favourite social media app is Instagram. I honestly always have to post photos to it, or I am constantly scrolling through my feed. I can't even remember a time when I didn't use Instagram. I am not one of those people that has to update their page like a million times a day, but I do try to set myself a goal of at least one photo a day. Right now I have a personal page and my blog page. I just like to keep the two separate, but I am always open for people adding me on either one.

Snapchat is also a top fave, I love photography so I guess any chance where I am getting to take photos is fine by me. I can sometimes get a bit addictive though, I either post like 5/6 photos a day then go weeks on end without posting anything. There's no in between.

I love the app Instaburner as it allows me to save any Instagram photo to my camera roll, without the dreaded "someone took a screenshot". I find this app really useful if I have seen something inspiring me or I like a fellow bloggers outfit.

Over the past while twitter has slowly come back to being my go to social media. I went off it for a while just because I never used it. Now I can't be doing with Facebook anymore, so twitter is definitely where I'm always at. There's a slight chance I might just have a retweeting problem though.

For inspiration when it comes to my tumblr page, my go to place has got to be weheartit. I can always find beautiful pictures of anything I am looking for on there. I often just like to see whats trending, before you know it you have a whole bunch of pictures ready to make your tumblr page look awesome. xo

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