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Ever since I started wearing makeup I have always been a fan. As I've got older I got more into it so my collection has got bigger over the years. Only recently though I noticed I have so many products that I either never use anymore or I never really have used. So after spending a long time one day going through my whole collection I decided I needed to just get rid of the things I never used. I now only have products that I actually use or want to use. I got rid of a bunch of old, expired products, and even found some products I forgot all about.

I have been hating the way my makeup was stored, I could never find anything I was looking for easy enough. It always meant when doing my makeup having to search all over for what I needed. I have always seen on beauty vloggers or bloggers they always have their makeup all set out on display kind of. I always think it looks so pretty and so organised. So for Christmas I got a couple of these acrylic makeup organisers that I found on Ebay. I've organised all the products I decided to keep.

 This organizer was part of a set but can be separated into the top storage and then three drawers, but for now I like to keep them all stacked together. On the top it has a lot of different storage compartments which I love. I have managed to store all my foundations and face powder. There is a lipstick holder but I decided to use it for mascara's and concealers as I got a separate lip holder which you can see in a bit. At the back it has separate compartments, so one holds all my lip-liners, the other all eyeliners and brow pencils. The last bigger compartment at the back holds cream highlighter and blush, little tube products that fit just nicely there.

The drawers a little skinnier than I thought so it is hard to fit bigger products in them. So for the top drawer I managed to fit my highlighters and a shadow palette. Only until now I have noticed this is kind of just an MUA drawer.

The second drawer down is where I managed to store all my eyeshadows. If the palettes are smaller like this the drawers are great at storing more.

In the last drawer I stored all my lashes and brow products.

This is what my second beauty unit looks like on top. This is the lipstick storage I was telling you I have separate. It stores up to 24 lipsticks and it does come with a empty block storage underneath so you can either stack them together or separate them like I did. I love organised these lipstick holder look.

In the bottom half of the lipstick storage, I hold all my lip glosses or liquid lipsticks and lip pens. At the moment I have it separated from the top container to hold my light box up higher, I do like how it can be used as both.

I got these plastic cups from Tesco ages ago and filled them with coloured sand from Dunelm Mill. I did have sand in both cups but as I kept buying more face brushes it became hard to keep them in place so it was easier to get rid of the sand in that one. I like to use one for all my face brushes and the other for all my eye brushes.

On the shelves underneath is where I store all my makeup palettes. I have seen on some bloggers sites that you do get actual acrylic palette holders, I just haven't come across any yet at a decent price when I've been looking. So for now having them all close to hand works for me.

This is how I store all my nail products. These plastic type of baskets is what I used to store my makeup in all on my shelves. Now with freeing them up it has given me extra for my growing nail polish collection, they are good storage for makeup wipes, pads etc.

One thing about my beauty shelves is I like everything to be matchy-matchy so finding the right acrylic storage took me a while. I knew they could be quite expensive for some so I wanted to make sure I got the right one's that would store all my makeup.

What I have noticed since using this new storage system is how I can actually see what I have now. I find I don't just go for the first eyeshadow that is at hand over and over again. I don't have to spend most of my time looking for the product that I need, everything is close to hand and I can see it all right in front of me.

What about you guys? Do you actually use everything in your collection? When was the last time you had a good beauty clear out?

If you want to see more of my collection in detail just let me know in a comment below or through any of my social media links to the right. xo

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