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Wake up n Glow for me began simply as a way to express my interest in fashion. Which soon changed into a fashion and lifestyle blog where I share my passion for all things fashion, beauty, photography, interior design, travel and life in general. The reason I set up this blog was purely just as something to do - a hobby, after following quite a few other fashion bloggers for a number of years I wanted to join in on the fun. But it has soon become more about helping me gain confidence within myself and helping me find my own personal style.

If your still here lets get to know more about me...I'm Samantha and I live in the Perthshire countryside in Scotland, with my family and my four year old bunny Maisy. Even though I have lived on a farm for the past 19 years of my life, I am still a true Dundee city girl at heart. Which I can't wait to get back to sometime soon.

As I am not working at the moment blogging has become my full time passion you could say, along with trying to complete my final year of studying for a diploma in business management. So when I'm not dreaming about my future of running my own fashion store with my sister, I am either blogging away or enjoying the little things...Netflix marathons, girly nights to the cinema, football weekends and the odd bit of shopping of course.

You might have just stumbled across my blog, in which case hello & welcome! I hope you enjoy my little world where I share bits and pieces of my life. Come along and join in this new adventure with me. XO

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